Entertainment the digital currency way.

Yes it's Boat Parties with a difference... For the first in the history of digital currency, Digital Dance will be giving Crypto Enthusiasts, Investors and Crypto Developers something more than just an online experience. You will have the opportunity to Invest, Sponsor or just Party with the coolest community on the planet. Expect giveaways on the day or night, mining contracts and ASIC miners will be on the list of prizes party goers can axect to see.

Bitcoin On Deck

Brininging Digital Currency To The Main Arena.

We know how digital currency works and believe in it's value. You should to; and if you don't already use digital currency you will soon enough. What a better way to learn about Bitcoin, Litecoin, Tittiecoin, Dogecoin or any other coin for that matter than to learn through using it and being shown how to use it. We are giving everyone the opportunity to be part of Digital Dance and will be looking forward to your interest in becoming an Investor or a Sponsor or if you want to Party with the coolest community on the planet... You are in for a real treat!

What's to come?

  • 1Phase

    Phase one involves generating interest
    Register your interest today through the "Contact Us" page. Don't miss this!
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  • 2Phase

    We Build The Digital Dance Crew.
    Dancers, DJ's, Singers and our Digital Bar is stocked with all the party favorites.
    Apply Here!

  • 3Phase

    Phase three is the exciting part.
    We prepare the boat for the First Ever Digital Dance Boat Part Where Crypto Currency Is The Only Means Of Payment.

  • 4Phase

    At this stage we start branching out
    The Digital Dance Model Is Replicated And On a Beach Or River Near You!.

Tittiecoin Anyone?

Tittiecoin On Deck! Fun times calles for a fun currency.

When we created Tittiecoin we knew it was going to be big, through the ups and downs we held our heads high and continued to work towards making Tittiecoin successful.